By Simeon Austin David Pangu/ www.africanakua.com

‘I can’t breathe I can’t breathe ‘

‘Please take your knee off my neck I can’t breathe’

‘My stomach hurt, my neck hurts I can’t breathe’

Were his last words ‘I can’t breathe’

Hundreds of years my ancestors suffered to build this land,

Strip off their dignity and put chains on their hand,

They were used as a shield in your war for independent,

Though in pain and sorrow they were still resilient.

We never ask for much just let us be

Yet you restrict even the air so that I can’t breathe.

You say here is a free world that was built on the back of my people,

Taken from our homes leaving our land cripple.

Each and every day we get over taxed

Halt and shot by police when trying to ask

Right to all but ours are restricted,

Because of the color of my skin my kind are being hunted,

You despise my skin color and cherish my heritage,

Making millions out of my artifacts in your museum, and I can’t even pay the mortgage,

I am paying debt I never owed just because of my skin color

Working harder than you and yet you call me idler.

Your put you knee on my neck deprived me of air,

What crime could I ever commit that such could be deemed fair

Yet you get fired but still get a life to live,

And that your system call ‘fair‘ and forced my kind to believe.

Am not asking for more just a little air

My hands chained behind my back what else could have caused you to fear,

‘I am resisting arrest’ you say

Yet my hands chained behind my back in a cruel way,

Being black is a crime in America

You get arrested and get shot for driving a fancy car

Now I am not even allowed to breathe

Ponder in fear all I do is seethe

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