Malema has addressed an EFF solidarity protest at the US embassy in Pretoria after the killing of an African American man, George Floyd, by police in Minneapolis in May.

He began by calling for unity of Africans all around the world and an end to xenophobic attacks in South Africa and solidarity on the continent.

“We don’t need American approval, we don’t need white approval for us to unite as Africans”

The EFF Leader challenged black people to intentionally begin dating white people to forge integration between races. In this way, black people would also be infiltrating the wealth and land in the hands of white South Africans, he said.

“We must start dating each other, that’s how we’re going to infiltrate the wealth, – Brothers & sisters do the job. -Target then fetch their money. Go fetch the wealth there and bring home.”

“Let us use all methods to forge the unity of purpose in this country, South Africa – then push it to the continent.”

Malema said white people will only begin to respect Africans once their minds are liberated. He said Africans must not spend to much time bashing white people but rather spend time liberating the minds of other Africans.

“Some of you even change your accent when you’re around them because you want to sound like a better black”.

Malema challenged white South Africans to teach themselves African languages and visit townships to better understand black people and their battles.

He said there was no excuse for white South Africans not speaking indigenous languages, particularly those born in the country after the dawn of democracy. Claiming to be African while unable to speak African languages was unacceptable, he said.

“Start learning our languages. We know everything about you, yet you know nothing about us. Every day a white man says, ‘I am an African, I was born here.’ But you do not know an African language. Shame on you! Language is your identity.

No white person in SA can claim to be not racist if they have never been to a township”, said Malema. “If you are not racists, why did you not go to the township since you were born?” he asked. “You are staying in Pretoria and you claim not to be racist, but you do not know where Mamelodi is – because you think you are better than Mamelodi.”

Malema accused “white liberals” of pretending to understand black lives when it was all a show.

He said Black people visit white homes every day and even work for them, but whites still don’t visit townships because they think less of black people.

“Let more white people go to the township and experience our pain, see our misery to understand our anger because we are very angry and make no apology about it.”

Credit: E. Africa

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