By: Ahmed Jalloh/, Sierra Leone

From the empire of Sundiata Keita to Tanazania’s sounds of Maraima Makeba.

From Egypt’s pyramids to the forests in Central Africa.

From the Leone West’s diamonds to the Saffari in Rwanda.

From the long coast line across Somalia to the desserts in North Africa.

From the Gold Coast to the uncountable bauxite reserve in Guinea.

From Casablanca’s transit and taste of exquisite africana life to SouthAfrica’s stands for freedom.

We have never been limited in any aspect.

The Africa which you should know is powerful and abundant. Never allow to be misguided and white washed. Never allow to be defined and judged by those who only think we are never equal.

The calm flow of the Nile, the raising sun in Dakar, the exuberance of Ahmed Sheku Toure and the vision of independent visionaries of one Africa.

We are not perfect people and so we sometimes have complications. However, we are one nation and one people.

From the Hausa and Igbo man’s understanding to the krio’s fluency and methodology.

Filled with tribe’s men and different dishes and norms. Our traditions differenciate us.

To be an educated african does not mean you are a white man.

An african is always an african.

Unique, strong, woken, intelligent and resilience.


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