By: Ebialle Pekins Daddykins/, Cameroon

 At Last, Meme Divisional Delegate for Basic Education handed back the Missing 11.6 million fcfa on Tuesday, July 28.

A total sum of 11.6 million fcfa was reported to have been snatched by the Amba fighters last week. The monies have been recovered.

The Divisional Delegate for Basic Education Meme, Madam Nkwelle Beatrice, brought the money to the office of the Senior Divisional Officer Meme. She handed the money to the SDO after spending some days under police custody and investigation.

According to sources, Madam Nkwelle Beatrice said the money was contributed by her family members to pay back the stolen money by the Amba fighters. Other versions say she narrated the money was recovered by a group of Amba fighters who in a fight defeated their colleagues.

Now, the big question is why was the bag of money presented to the SDO the way it was arranged by the Treasurery Office Buea with no displacement in the distribution of the huge amount?

 Its should be noted that the 11.6 million fcfa was to pay the 2020 First School Living Certificate Examiners in Meme Division.

Some people say, may be the said Divisional Delegate wanted to play a hide and seek game to the Cameroon  Government but things back fired on her.

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