By: Kaninatu Kanu/, Sierra Leone


The BIG SISTER EMPOWERMENT SHOW season 2 has been slated to start on October 4, 2020. Similarly so, HOUSEMATE SALONE SEASON 2 has been launched and set to start on the same date.

The BIG SISTER EMPOWERMENT SHOW with its theme “No woman No cry” catered for 20 participants from different countries including Sierra Leone, Guinea, United States, Liberia, India and Gambia. All the participants are women.

In December 2018, the CEO of BIG SISTER EMPOWERMENT SHOW, Zainab Sheriff, was a grand partner in the first BIG SISTER  SHOW hosted in Sierra Leone. It was believed that by the end of the show, Zainab Sheriff and CEO of AYV Media Empire, Anthony Junior Navo were in bitter disagreement that led to the invention of HOUSEMATE SALONE 1 initiated by AYV and Africell.

Their disagreement went as far as the Court of Sierra Leone . Nevertheless, Africell, which is one of the leading mobile telecommunication companies in the country, continues its partnership with AYV to bring HOUSEMATE SALONE SEASON 2.

Their disagreement, and now the clash of date of two similar programs is of concern to many Sierra Leoneans. Whilst many will argue it out to be competitive and such competition is presumed negative because of their rival past.

Both shows will bring a boost to the country’s entertainment industry. However, we await to see if Sierra Leone is matured for such competition at this time.

BIG SISTER SEASON 2 partners with Orange mobile company and others is set for October 4, 2020 with a whopping Grand price of $50,000. HOUSEMATE SALONE SEASON 2 sponsored by AYV and Africell mobile company is also set for the same October 4 2020  with $25,000 and a trip to Dubai as its Star price.

Whilst BIG SISTER will be aired on SLBC and DSTV, HOUSEMATE SALONE is set to be aired on AYV.

In this air of harsh competition we only hope it thrives positively.

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