By: Simeon Austin David Pangu/ www.africanakua.com, Sierra Leone

To satisfy the urge of you few minutes erection,

You shattered her dream, leaving her dysfunction,

Striped her off her pride and dignity,

Taking away her innocence and sometimes her virginity.

Her dignity whom you opt to help and protect,

You forcefully striped her; and her womanhood you molest.

Drowning in her tears, cause she is too scared to paddle,

Mentally shattered, skin brushed, forcing yourself in, even when you know the pain is too much for her to handle,

Her beauty was supposed to be her gift and you made her a victim of it,

Even when she screams in pain for you to stop, you continue enjoying everything about it.

You are a coward, less of a man, a beast,

Parading in human skin, dwelling in our midst,

Devouring on the innocent; because you think they are weak,

You take pride, and boastful; sometimes you speak.

You disgusting whitewashed tomb,

Oh! how I wished you were never formed in your mother’s womb.

Even though she is not your mother, daughter, aunty or sister;

She has her family and the world that look up to her,

You set her to let the world down by your single act,

She will never feel the same way about herself and that is the fact.

You blackmailed her internal beauty, self-confidence and strength.

She is used to going the extra-mile, and now she couldn’t cover half the length.

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