Police on Friday morning confronted protesters at freedom corner, Nairobi during a peaceful demo over the loss of Covid-19 funds.

The protest, dubbed #ArrestCovid19Thieves, was organised to demand accountability for the use of Covid-19 billions amid reports that funds allocated to deal with the pandemic may have been diverted to other uses not related to the disease, misapplied or misappropriated.

The police said it was against the Public Health Act to hold a gathering of more than 15 people.

The officers also inquired if they if they had notified OCS Nairobi of their impending action.

However, the activists say they had attempted to inform relevant authorities but none was swilling to accept their letter of notice to picket on Friday August 20.

Stood their ground

They stood their ground at freedom corner despite being lobbed by teargas several times.

The police demanded that the protestors disperse from freedom corner.

The activists were about 15, as most were chased away before the number grew.

They later assembled at the Kencom bus stage, where the last stand-off took place.

Here, police arrested about 5 of them. The number later grew to about 11 who were under arrest.

They were seen being bundled into the back of a police vehicle.

Security around freedom corner was beefed up this morning. Several police officers in plain clothes could be spotted walking around as they kept an eye out for protestors.

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