By: Jerry Akornor/, Ghana

Nestle Ghana Limited has urged journalists to lead and intensify advocacy on the need to increase iron intake in diets to improve physical and mental health of the citizenry. According to Nestle Ghana, iron-giving food is a critical component of diets that improve the immune system of human beings.

Speaking at a-day’s workshop on capacity building for journalists in nutrition reporting and story telling by Corporate Communications and Public Affairs of Nestle Ghana together with the Ghana Journalists Association in Accra, the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Manager in-Charge of Coastal Cluster (Ghana, Liberia,  Leone) Deborah Kwablah, said “the media should set the iron agenda,  sustain the conversation, amplify the conversation on iron and benefits to women and children to enhance the quality of life”.

Meanwhile, a lecturer at the University of Ghana’s Department of Nutrition and Food Science Prof. Matilda Steiner-Asiedu has urged the public to scale up iron, Vitamin A and iodine intake to escape triple burden of malnutrition. According to her, Ghana currently faces dreadful consequences of hidden hunger including under-nutrition, micronutrient deficiency and over-nutrition which manifest as overweight or obesity.

On her part, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Manager of Nestle Ghana Ltd, Margaret Mary Tohouenou wants consumers to understand nutritional information on products they patronize in order to make well-informed and healthy choices whilst following storage instructions.

 “Follow the storage instructions and if the instruction requires that you keep the product in a cool dry place, do just that and check the expiring dates before purchase and consumption”.

Deborah Kwablah addressing participants at the workshop

The President of the Ghana Journalists Association, Mr. Affail Money, says the media has a duty to scale up reportage on nutrition-related issues to whip up the interests of society towards balanced diets. According to him, whilst reporting on the political discourse of Ghana, the obligation of journalists can only be complete if a lot more energy is geared towards nutritional reporting.

30 journalists were taken through Nestle product fortification, labeling, storage instructions and other topics on nutrition.

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