By: Ahmed Jalloh/, Sierra Leone

In what seemed to be an unexpected physical clash between two former housemates, Regina Jombo and Diana Decker gave the AYV TV viewers a leap of raw and uncut display of boiling feud.

Regina who was known to have been neglected and ganged against in the house was in an EX HOUSEMATE REUNION with colleague mates; Diana Decker, KomKamda Bangura a.k.a Darling Boy and Ibrahim Barrie Aka Mawdor.

Initially when they were all in the house, a group named “shukubly”, a formulation of power girls had always been throwing shades at Regina.

In the second host of the reunion on the night of Saturday 22nd August, Komkanda Bangura (Darling Boy), Mawdor, Regina and her long term rival, Diana, were seated as guests on the TV show.

After a casual nuisance between Darling Boy and Regina, the host Hurai Bangura asked if the couple, Regina and Darling Boy, were seeing each other after the Housemate TV reality show. Both hurriedly answered “No”, accusing each other of flying egos.

Meanwhile, Diana had been asking Regina what her relationship with Darling Boy was. She replied that she had an amazing relationship with most of the housemates adding that she had run into Maudor at the Africell office.

Huria Bangura then asked Diana about her relationship status with Regina. She surprisingly asked the host who Regina was in spite of the fact that she (Regina) was seating right there on the show next to Darling Boy.

Reminiscing on their rival past and boiling feud, Diana dropped a bomb describing Regina as a “psychiatric  b*tch” with multiple attitude and then boom! Before we knew it, Regina had slapped Diana hard on the cheek. Diana got provoked and advanced towards her. The whole program was then disrupted for a while. WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE:

Some pictures from the brawl that happened on the TV show. This was the moment when Diana uses the ‘B’ word on Regina.

The tide calmed and the reunion continued. Eventually Regina revealed the long term feud and continuous shades.

Regina couldn’t hold it anymore. She had no choice than to swiftly move to Diana and give her a dirty slap.

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