By: Jerry Akornor/,Ghana

Initiator of Guzakuza, Nana Adjoa Sifa, has urged participants of Ignite 2020 to build a stronger network and represent a voice of Agribusiness women in Africa.

Ignite 2020 is a programme designed by Guzakuza to raise capital to support 120 women in agribusiness in Africa.

Ignite 2020 remains a model agri-accelerator for women in Agribusiness under forty (40) years of age, implemented and tested in Accra-Ghana. Ignite raises private and public funds to cater for its operations.

Speaking at the launch of  Ignite 2020 via zoom on Wednesday November 11, 2020, the Guzakuza initiator, Nana Adjoa Sifa, said “since 2016, Guzakuza through the Ignite programme has provided opportunities and served as a platform for female agribusiness founders to be educated, nurtured and empowered to build sustainable food businesses, spend quality time on their business models and improve their personal development through mentorship, coaching, internship, business simulations and relevant trainings”.

Ignite 2020 will empower 120 women from 15 African countries to build sustainable food businesses on the African continent and beyond.

According to Nana Adjoa Sifa, participants would “build a stronger network to be able to access markets and be a voice for the women in agribusiness across Africa”.

Nana Adjoa Sifa who extended her appreciation to sponsors and stakeholders of Ignite 2020, also advised the participants to demonstrate good leadership skills, influence and impact as agriprenuers.

She believes the programme will enable African young women in Agribusiness to establish robust capacity, receive toolkits, the needed resources and community of like-minded peers.

On her part, Representative of African Union Development Agency, AUDA – NEPAD, Unami Mpofu, charged African women to be responsible leaders who create change and make impacts.

Nana Adwoa Sifa, Initia of Guzakuza and Ignite 2020.

“Igniters should organize themselves and as they network at any level, they should have one voice and speak to change. They are not to down play their businesses because SMEs are engines of Africa’s economic growth”.

Meanwhile, Director of Women in Agriculture Development, Paulina Addy, wants African Agribusiness women to do in-depth analysis of the agricultural value chain in the era of COVID-19.

Paulina Addy, Director of Women in Agricultural Development.

“During the covid pandemic, most sectors came to a standstill except the food industry. Focus was on food producers to deliver food to everyone because we need to eat to live. Add value to your produce, research to know what consumers want and tailor whatever they produce and process to the needs of the consumer.

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