By: Ugochukwu Precious Ugomma/, Nigeria.

Comparing your pastor with your husband will break your home.

Many homes have been ripped and  are being ripped apart by the inept attitude of some women venerating their pastors while repudiating their husbands.

Few years back, some women detest marrying pastors. But today the story has changed. Some women wish they are married to their pastor.

Stop the comparison. Stop the wishful thinking. Stop saying if your pastor were your husband. If he was, my dear sister, believe me, you will also get used to him one day and insult him.

It might interest you to know that even the wife of the pastor you wish were your husband is enduring a lot. What the wife of your crush pastor  is passing through in the hands of your crush pastor may even be more pitiable than what you think you are passing through in the hands of your husband.

Sometimes, the problem is not your husband but you. You might be the enemy of your own marriage. Comparing your pastor with your husband is disastrous. If care is not taken, you might develop emotional attachment with your pastor.

It might interest you to know that some ladies who yearn for an earlier arrival of worship days, aren’t after God, but after their pastor. They aren’t seeking God but seeking their pastor. Some have gone emotionally deep into their pastor without the pastor’s premonition.

Your pastor has no solution to your emotional emptiness. Your loneliness problem can’t be solved by your pastor. He should lead you to holiness and not feed your loneliness.

Pastors, beware of EMOTIONAL TRANSFERENCE. Be agile, know when a woman with fragile emotions is sitting before you and pray for wisdom not to be entangled. Lead her to God and not to yourself. Show her how caring God is and not how caring you are. Let her know how loving God is and not how lovely you are.


1. Your husband is the priest of your home and not your pastor.

2. You left your parents house to cleave to your husband and not your pastor.

3. Your pastor’s involvement in your marital issues should be limited.

4. Don’t run to your pastor at any slightest impulse.

5. There is nothing wrong in seeking the advice of your spiritual father, your pastor or mentor in decision that requires tact precision and divine illumination. But there is everything wrong in allowing the interference to bring a difference between you and your spouse.

If some wives will “daddy” their husbands the same way they “daddy” their pastor, greater percentage of marital problems would be solved.

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