By: Jerry Akornor/, Ghana

District Pastor of Evangelical Presbyterian Church-Ghana, Nungua Congregation Rev. Wisdom Alorvi has urged World Health Organization (WHO) to distribute the Covid-19 vaccines equitably devoid of discrimination to enhance and compliment Africa’s efforts to contain, combat and prevent spread of the infectious pandemic.

Ghana is currently going through Covid-19 vaccination as part of government’s measures to combat the infectious disease after it received some 600,000 vaccines. According to Rev. Wisdom Alorvi, the world remains a global village and the only way  healthcare and safety can be guaranteed is to tackle head-on Covid-19 fight in every continent including adequate world-wide vaccination.

Rev. Wisdom Alorvi, District Pastor E.P Church Ghana, Nungua Congregation

Speaking on the sidelines of Nungua E.P Church-Ghana Annual Children’s Week Celebration in Accra, Rev. Wisdom Alorvi said “Every life is important but some African countries may not be able to afford what it takes to get adequate Covid-19 vaccines their citizens due to economic hardships, so WHO and other foreign partners should come into their aid, distribute fairly because we need one-another in battle against Covid-19.

District Pastor of Evangelical Presbyterian Church-Ghana, Nungua Congregation Rev. Wisdom Alorvi has also appealed to the Covid-19 taskforce and Ghana Health Service to immediately collaborate with security agencies to track unscrupulous persons stealing and selling Covid-19 vaccines belonging to government of Ghana.

He told Jerry Akornor that “We shouldn’t encourage people to be so arrogant, so wicked, something which can save life, you’re going to steal and sell it at exorbitant price, this is for free, why do you have to do that? I think such criminals must face the wrath of the security agencies so they’re punished”.

Rev. Alorvi has also urged the public to reject every proposal to purchase Covid-19 vaccines.

“Covid-19 vaccine is not for sale, why would selfish people sell it? So when you see any individual selling such a vaccine report him to the police”.

According to Rev. Wisdom Alorvi, the church expected to complete a new block which will serve as auditorium for children with the commitment of members and support from philanthropists.

“Our major project as E. P Church-Ghana in Nungua is auditorium for children service chapel where they’ll be free and that is the project Nungua E. P Church-Ghana Congregation leadership is undertaking, almost 98% completed, a convenient place for children just as we have for adults”.

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