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People are asking if there is an endgame to the #FixTheCountry uprising in Ghana. They are worried if it will all end up as a political rallying march for another governmental change in 2024. The dreaded road to nowhere!

Or if it will take on the energy and fervour of the Arab Spring but also end with its anticlimax and nothing really changing.

I believe the best that can come from this campaign is not a change in government but rather, what Bernard Avle (a radio presenter in Accra,Ghana) calls an ‘elite consensus’. That is an agreement on the important things that need fixing and the use of the energy of the campaign to ram it down the throats of the politicians.

This Campaign at its core is about the character of the Ghanaian politician rather than any specific issues and that is why the excuses we have been given so far have not worked.

I have a few suggestions for the Consensus:

1. Members of government including the executive, legislature and judiciary, with their immediate family must patronise only public services for the term of their service. These public services include schools, hospitals and leisure.

2. Members of government including the executive, legislature and judiciary should be put on the public wage & allowances structure and the national pension system. The executive should not fix the remuneration of the legislature and vice versa and there should be no ex gratia.

3. There should be a cap on annual political expenditure for both individuals and parties. In the instance of a breach, both the giver of the funds and the taker should be jailed.

4. The election of independent Chief Executives at the local community level with their own budgetary allocations must be implemented immediately without compromise.

5. Size of government should be halved including aides, personal assistants and the bloated civil and public service.

6. A Public Ombudsman must be appointed for all police related issues and the use of the police force as a private protection unit for politicians and the Rich must stop

7. A Public Ombudsman must be appointed for all Regulators to ensure that arbitrary actions by any Regulator can be set aside without having to go through court processes

8. A Public Ombudsman must be appointed to oversee the proactive release of information on every and all government activities to the general public including unsealed personal financial records of state officials before and after taking office

9. A combination of the LEAP program and MASLOC to create a National Welfare Authority to properly implement welfare transfers and short term business loans schemes to ensure a basic standard of living for all Ghanaians

10. Restrict Central Government from borrowing directly. Borrowings must originate from the agency, department or community for which the funds are intended with clear rationale for the borrowing and a roadmap for the application of the funds


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