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Great topic. Great idea worth sharing some thoughts on. Enlightenment basically is the state of having knowledge or understanding. The enlightened person is therefore the insightful and open-minded one. He is able to see the world with clarity, without attachment to preconceived ideas about people, places, and things. This enables him to observe the world without jumping to conclusions.

Africans need enlightenment. The “villageness” or uncouth attitude of some Africans is too much. For example, customer service from petty traders is so appalling. You would buy something from a seller in a stall or a small kiosk on the street corner and they will begin combing the whole place in search of change; and in some cases at a restaurant, they will begin to cook the raw food after you placed the order without telling you. It then becomes a wait forever. Vendors of electricity prepaid do not come to work early and when they finally appear in that cubicle, they have already frowned their faces. You sit in a bus and you find the African spitting heaped saliva in the mouth every now and then.

Most Africans are heartless in pursuit of self interest. Take your car to a mechanic and it is the beginning of the process to change your car. They will change existing genuine parts. It is the African. If you misplaced an item, it is no longer yours.

The other time I eavesdropped on a conversation by two youngmen. They were saying “now you can only obtain love when you have plenty money to share”. In their words, love is for the highest bidder in Africa.

Come to Africa and you find a regimentation of public sector workers’ salary. They then form loan companies to siphon the little from the hapless working class, cognizant of the fact that their end of month salaries do not take them home.

Oh Trump knows Africa too well hence…..

In 2014 whilst returning from Boston, I left an item in the airport. It occured to me and I rushed back to the now empty space where I believed I left the item. I came back to see the item with one security man and sniffer dog trying to know what it was. Nobody took it. It was there.

Africans have enough resources to seal off sides of their roads so we do not see dust on the shoulders. But what do we see? They then go to other metropolis which have no floor dust to take pictures, proudly displaying those overseas photos and making them their dp

Many many Africans have died in the hands of unresponsive health workers. Your health is when you are not in that hospital where satanic agents are on standby

It is a countless number, the number of children who have died in blazing domestic fires and it keeps happening because nobody nor institution has found it necessary to give that situation a shout. Oh no wonder road accident deaths continues, many times at same spot.

And finally, only in my continent you find a herd of cows pasturing in the middle of their national capitals and crossing highways with careless abandon. Matter come!!

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